About Bambina Blue

You thought that just because Mercury was in retrograde you weren’t due for a happy accident. You thought stomping around the city midsummer was only hot smoke and perspiration. Maybe you’re dreaming, maybe it’s a mirage, maybe the gummies finally kicked in, but you’ve fallen into the cosmic swirl. A cool slice of delight in the steaming metropolis. A portal. Here, every glitch is kismet. Here, every mishap shimmers with pleasure. The walls are dripping but they never melt, the scent is ambrosia – impossibly sweet. And just when you think you can taste it, you see it: a myriad of colors set before your eyes. As soon as you can dream the flavors they appear, conjured like the muses and heaped in a cone. You did that. You aligned with confection. It’s not a dream, it’s just the consequence of dreaming. It’s not a mirage, it’s just the little miracle of summer. Gelato, obviously.