Best Coffee Shops NYC

Coffee is an essential part of many who come to Manhattan each day for work or for tourists coming to our city for a trip. The same goes for the afternoon and evening as well since coffee has become a drink for any time of day.

Located in the heart of Nolita, Bambina Blue is proud to serve the best coffee in NYC and the best espresso on Earth. So many New Yorkers stop by our coffee shop to get the sweet elixir that gets them through their day. And we have a host of options to choose from including our signature Italian coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and cold brews.

Best Pastries in NYC

In addition to having the best coffee in Manhattan, Bambina Blue is also home to the best pastries in NYC. Because what goes better with your cup of joe than a homemade pastry from our chefs?

You’ll enjoy some of the flakiest croissants in the city, with plain and almond variants available along with the option to get a ham and cheese sandwich on one. Not to mention the sweetness that are pastries like cinnamon rolls and pain au chocolate that’s a nice contrast in flavor & texture to your coffee.

Coffee Shop Nolita

Bambina Blue is unique to other coffee shops in NYC since we provide an unmatched atmosphere. Between our colorful & retro-inspired interior, our outdoor patio space that makes you feel like you’re away from the hustle & bustle of the world and our storefront seating that allows you to take in our neighborhood, you’ll find a space that you feel like yourself with your cup.

Whether you choose to have your fix with one of our delectable pastries or your favorite flavor of the best gelato in NYC, you won’t be able to resist making our coffee shop in Nolita an essential part of your daily routine.