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Cool Off With Vegan Gelato: A Delicious, Low-Calorie Treat

Whether it’s a birthday, a promotion, or just because, gelato is the best way to celebrate – and now everyone can join the party!

Sorbetto’s nice, but there’s nothing quite like the smooth creaminess of authentic gelato. The good news is that being mindful of the food you eat doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite treat. When we say everyone is welcome at the Bambina Blue, we really mean it! 

With all the recent buzz about milk alternatives and the popularity of going dairy- and egg-free, it was only a matter of time before a vegan gelato was perfected. Even if you just want a little guilt-free pleasure, our selection of vegan gelatos is here to hit the spot.

What is Vegan Gelato Made Of?

You may be wondering how gelato can possibly be vegan. After all, it’s famous for being ice cream’s milkier cousin. So, is vegan gelato for real? Whether it’s soy, almond, or coconut, plant-based milks have opened many new doors for people who are vegan and lactose intolerant. Thanks to the variety of milk alternatives that have become increasingly more popular and available, our kitchen wizards have made the seemingly impossible come to delicious life. 

Gelato’s complex, subtle flavors usually come from natural ingredients like nuts, cacao beans, and spices. These are usually ground into a paste, releasing the natural oils and heightening the flavors before being added to the gelato mixture. No strange syrups with questionable additives are to be found here! Adding some thickeners to the mix is the last touch that helps us achieve that iconic gelato texture without a trace of dairy or egg.

Vegan Gelato

Flavors That Never Disappoint

When it comes to gelato, the range of flavors available is part of the fun. There are some flavors that are beloved around the world for good reason. The classics – chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla – are standards for a good reason. They’re reliably delicious and a great match with some of the more outlandish flavors that can be found. (Try our vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate gelato, and you’ll see what we mean!)

Vegan gelato isn’t limited to old favorites, though. Just because you are steering clear of dairy doesn’t mean life has to be boring! We always keep things interesting with fun and unusual flavor combinations. If you keep an eye on our menu, you’ll catch our mouth-watering limited-edition seasonal flavors. You can get into the spirit of special times of the year with a little help from your favorite gelato – and it’s vegan, too!

Vegan Gelato

Vegan Gelato Health Benefits

Since quite a lot of gelato’s calories come from its dairy content, there are some extra benefits to going vegan. As much as we adore it in all its forms, dairy is one of the main contributors of saturated fats in our diets. Vegan gelato is generally lower in cholesterol and fat than traditional gelato. This makes it a more heart-healthy option – something worth celebrating, in our opinion… with some gelato, of course!

For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, dairy can often be a trigger for digestive discomfort. This can be avoided with a simple switch: trading in your gelato for the vegan variety so you don’t have to be left out of the fun or feel the consequences of bowing to peer pressure. Vegan gelato can also keep other allergic reactions at bay.

Vegan Gelato

Fresh, Handmade Gelato Near You

At Bambina Blue, we pride ourselves on putting our love and passion into every scoop of gelato, traditional or vegan. Our inventive flavors never disappoint, thanks to our high-quality ingredients and commitment to the quality that only traditional gelato-making methods can achieve.

Just because there’s no dairy in your diet doesn’t mean you should settle for anything but the best. A warm welcome awaits you at Bambina Blue – pop in and spoil yourself with the very best vegan treats.

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