Nutella Ice Cream

Major drum rolls because this gelato is more than your internet-craze banana ice cream. It’s tastier than any of the one-ingredient ice cream recipes which rise and fall every summer. That’s because our Banana Nuttela uses one of the most popular sweet treats: Nutella!

The taste and aroma of this irresistible hazelnut spread is a little bit nutty, tastes like chocolate and has just the right amount of sweetness. Once you taste this little piece of heaven, you won’t need a breakup or even summer to crave a scoop. Our Nutella gelato flavor is creamy, smooth, refreshing and gluten free.

Banana Gelato

And the perfect gelato flavor to complement Nutella is banana.Our handmade banana gelato has a truly a-peel-ling taste that brings out the elements that makes Nutella such an irresistible ice cream topping. We’re bananas for bananas here at Bambina Blue, which is why our Banana Nuttela has bits of banana mixed in to provide some added texture and dimension to your gelato experience. And like our gelato, the recipe for Nutella comes straight from Italy as it’s produced by Ferrero who have mastered the mixture of hazelnut and chocolate.