Popcorn Ice Cream

In a world where there are many ordinary popcorn ice cream options comes a new gelato that will make your palate embark on an extraordinary journey.

  A heroic spoon will rise… and then fall in the dessert to scoop it up into a cup, cone, milkshake or pint to give you a unique cool treat.

 Starring: our homemade salted popcorn gelato, which adds in all of the elements that makes this movie favorite such an iconic snack including butter,salt and smooth-as-silk gelato. 

Also starring: crushed M&Ms that melt in your mouth, not in your hand (or in our gelato), and actual pieces of popcorn to give you the fluffy crunch and distinct flavor that you love in this classic treat.

Ice Cream With Popcorn

And introducing: any of the variety of toppings that you want to make it a true blockbuster customized for your movie night dessert taste. You don’t even need to be watching your favorite film when getting your Jaws around this movie night snack.

Bambina Blue proudly presents Movie Night: our one-of-a-kind spin on popcorn ice cream!