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Houston, We Have a Chocolate Gelato Craving!

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be chocolate gelato. That’s totally what Sherlock Holmes meant to say.

Move over Willy Wonka, the dawn of chocolate gelato will reign the streets once more! It’s its own kind of golden ticket, really. At any temperature, chocolate seems to be immortal. I mean, you don’t really need an article on the internet to convince you how majestic it is, but a valiant effort is always appreciated.

See this as a sweet sample of chocolate’s infinite power, even though six people in the Milky Way might not like it (they usually tell you, right away), and how its meeting with this one NYC gelato shop was written in the stars.

A Sweet Escape

Like any superhero, chocolate has an origin story – a few say it’s ‘round the twelfth century, while others say it’s even earlier. Today, though, we’re scooping into the fateful union of chocolate and gelato; a whimsical tale of artistry and creativity with all the right ingredients.

Name a single soul that doesn’t (truthfully) have a chocolate preference – heck, it’s even down to the percentage. We’re talking white, milk, dark, and everything in between. Chocolate and gelato fell in love for this very reason, with a mutual dedication to the harmony of science, flavor, and art.

Boy oh boy is it a neverending adventure. They bring out the best in one other and have dreamed up tastes and combinations talked about the world over. From bean to bar, chocolate has mastered the pleasing of many palates. Sound familiar? (*wink wink* a certain NYC gelato spot at 23 Cleveland Place).

Like gelato, it has a rich history that goes way back; so if romance wasn’t possible, at the very least a budding friendship would come to exist (much to the delight of taste buds everywhere).


Shall I Compare Thee to a Silky Chocolate Gelato?

Without churning on too much about the process of each of these icons’ making, we’re simply seeing this as an ode to their very existence and get-together.

When creating something so good that combines chocolate and gelato, achieving a delicate balance is important to get the creamiest, chocolatiest, most elevated, and most authentic invention known to humankind (pheeew, a lot of adjectives over here).

That just so happens to be what our gelato shop does. When you mix in passion, freshness, and in-house batch crafting by our expert gelato whisperer, it’s a recipe for decadence.


An Irresistible Chocolate Philosophy

From the very beginning of each freshly-made batch, to the different forms of chocolate used as toppings, it’s a chocolate celebration over at Bambina Blue. The whole shebang.

If ever there was a definition of death by chocolate, the first luscious contestant is the Belgium Dark gelato with 70% Belgium Dark Chocolate, drizzled with an exquisite Chocolate Crunch.

Not enough? Request the addition of a sumptuous Blondish Sauce, Stracciatella shavings, the White Chocolate Sauce, and then some. Just ask the friendly Bambina Blue folks what chocolate possibilities are on the gelato horizon that day.

Or, if you like your chocolate in moderation with hints of umami flavor, the Miso Brownie gelato is yours for the taking, featuring Miso Gelato tossed with Brownie Bits and Miso Brownie Sauce. Yummy! For the vanilla lovers out there, your sweet fix takes the form of the classic Vanilla Stracciatella with shaved chocolate.


One of Each, Please!

There are so many more honorable chocolate-meets-gelato mentions, yet so little time to write them (more velvety batches are churning as we speak). Guess you’ll just have to visit and try them all.

Oh, one last thing…As if you weren’t having a heavenly time practically tasting it already, all of these gelatos are gluten-free too – touchdown, victory is declared! The Nolita Coffee Shop turns up the satisfaction level another notch with the addition of fresh pastries and premium-sourced coffee, too.

Always in search of flavor combinations that’ll rock your world, Bambina Blue is the perfect spot to experience the wonder of gelato in NYC. Gelato-filled dreams await your arrival. But, if your couch is your oasis today, a quick delivery will sort that gelato craving out in a jiffy.

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