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If Gelato Was a Day of the Week

Our gelato shop is all about adding life to ice cream, turning things upside down and back right up and inside out with a scoop, churn, and sprinkle.

We traveled the seas on a candy-laced ship to find the freshest fruits and nuttiest nuts. We summoned all the chocolate ourselves. We got lost in the streets of Italy tasting the perfect espresso for you any day pick me up, and the outcome was a little too good to be true.

It’s totally unreal, totally ridiculous, and more than a little dreamy. But that’s what we’re about. So our question is this: What if your days of the week came to life and then turned into gelato? Here, there are no limitations. So come and play – we dare you.

Monday: Al Cappuccino Crunch

Okay, this one is more than an act. When it comes to waking you up and getting you ready for the week, we didn’t play around (okay, we did, but just a little). Our Monday menu gelato creature would be serious business with a coco-colored briefcase filled with dreams.

He’d dock his hat, take a sip of his espresso, and leave you a little disgruntled. Moody, broody, and professionally chic, Al Cappincho Crunch would be softened with a dot of cream and a hint of dark chocolate to take the edge off as he starts his day.

You’ve had a taste, and you’ve melted. It’s serious business, serious gelato, and seriously, seriously delicious.

Tuesday: Don Vitto's Pistachio

By the time we get to Tuesday, we’re on the crunch but feeling slightly sweeter. In fact, we’re not so serious today. We’re a little nutty, a little fun, and soft and fluffy feeling.

We know we made it through Monday, and we needed a little pick-me-up. So we made Don Vitto’s pistachio. This baby brought to life is a mix of Italian pistachio gelato and a touch of pistachio crunch. The background blend is slightly serious, but the sweetness, the creaminess, oh-so-super-goodness make him the epitome of gelato in NYC.

Wednesday: Vanilla Stracciatella

We’re halfway through the week, and to celebrate, we meet our gelato shop’s Vanilla Stracciatella. She’s dressed in white, but she has a secret. Her chocolate stash melted in her pocket, and now she’s got to lick it up.

Lady Vanilla might look shy, but when you’re both alone, she’s got a lot to offer. In fact, she’s rather talkative, ready to share her life story with anyone who’d like to hear it. She dates back 900 years ago – in Mexico, where the first pods of vanilla were cultivated and mixed with cocoa: a drink deemed “Divine” by an Aztec Emporer.

And you’re all ears, but the tropics have her melting. So you soak up her chocolate shavings and satisfy your midweek cravings as an ode to luxurious simplicity.

Thursday: Miso Brownie

Our Thursday gelato menu favorite is miso tossed with brownie bits and draped in umami-flavored sauce. You got bored, so you decided to meet with someone a little different. Fun enough to ease you towards the weekend but serious enough to eat in the week, ol’ Miso Brownie is a surprising combination of savory and sweet.

Prepare to be surprised and re-inspired as you trudge your way to Friday. Miss Miso is a cheeky mix of rich and fudgy – compliments to the brownies she made at home, just for you. Of course, she made the miso herself, too. Inspired by the streets of Japan, she lovingly prepared the miso paste and made herself extra saucy.

She’s deep, she’s sweet, she’s salty. She’s a walking contradiction, here to brighten up your Thursday in a way you didn’t know you needed.

Friday: Movie Night

Meet your laid-back movie-night friend, a luxurious blend of your favorite movie snack with M&Ms because you know – why not?

Her vibe’s cozy and heart-warming with a creamy, dreamy base and a dash of salt and flavor reminiscent of your favorite childhood films. The occasional M&M crunch is the midnight snack you hid from Mum but didn’t quite get away with.

Ever comfortable, ever dependable, ever-incredibly-delicious, our Salted Popcorn Gelato Queen is your go-to girl for those “Hey, I got you moments” after a week gone wrong (or right!). Sweet, smooth, and salty, she’s our gelato menu’s embodiment of a great night in.

Saturday: Cookie Monster

Wild Saturday nights out are personified with our Cookie Monster. If Saturday was a living, breathing gelato, she’d be the life of the party. With her, you never know what to expect. But today, she offers the gift of vanilla with cookie paste and homemade chocolate chip cookies, topped off with an Oreo crunch. She gives cookies and milk a whole new name, bringing a dash of comfort to a wild night out as she fills you in on the latest scoop.

Sunday: Banana Nutella

We’re ending the weekend off with Banana Nutella. He’s a show stopper, a heart throbber, that guy you can’t-get-enough-of as you’re lounging on the beach. He’s your holiday romance, bringing an air of freedom and the feeling of vacation to you. Soak in the sun under those tropical leaves and get a taste of his banana gelato base. The Nutella sauce and banana bits will have you going nuts, and bananas – literally.

Gelato Every Day at Bambina Blue

Pssst…Imagine this: Gelato, every day. And hey, we wouldn’t judge you.

Swoop in and swoon over our 32 flavors, all lovingly lined up at our gelato shop and ready to meet you. Don’t forget to browse our sorbet sweethearts and our made-for-the-good-boy pet ice cream treats. Schedule us in, consider it a date, or get right to it and take us home with you.