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Yes, Gelato is the Best Holiday Comfort Food: Here’s Why

Wait. Before you go. Ditch the rules, one lick at a time. No season is mighty enough to claim this delicious frozen treat – a friend to all. It’s gelato! *trumpets blow* The jury might be out for some, but here’s the real scoop: gelato + cooler weather = yes please. Bambina Blue has churned the NYC gelato scene upside down. Our line-up tickles every fancy, especially this holiday season. Here’s why.

In Favor Of Big Flavor

Take a moment to turn to page 23 of your urban dictionary: under the definition for ‘silky’ – gelato. Known by its other aliases, ‘smooth’ and ‘rich,’ it might sound like a bachelor in a nineties rom-com, but it isn’t. This catch is even richer and smoother. In fact, the rumors that the heartthrob throne has officially been abdicated in favor of a certain giraffe who lives at a gelateria in New York are true. DiCaprio who?

So, what’s the creamy deal? Gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, giving it its signature dense consistency and intense flavors. A lower fat content joins a creamy crew of high-quality, fresh, and natural ingredients. It only takes a brief encounter with the Bambina Blue gelato menu to want a taste. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Holiday Gelato? Don’t Mind If We Do!

Let’s talk winter flavors. Gelato ice cream is known for its ability to put its own spin on all kinds of flavors. From its reputation as a comfort food to the coolest plus one at a holiday event, it’s seasonless. Mom’s cherry crumb pie wouldn’t mind a helping of our Greek yogurt gelato on the side. Wait, the in-laws are in town, and they’ve never tasted the Vanilla Stracciatella with our signature Italian espresso? Be warned, though, it might make them visit more often.

You’re tired of giving Santa the same old cookies ‘n milk (he’s tired too, to be honest), so introduce him to the Cookie Monster: vanilla-based gelato with cookie paste, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Oreo crunch. Remember that time you saved a potentially bad date from an uneventful holiday parade? All it took was a few scoops of Italian pistachio gelato. You even knew you had your vegan bases covered, just in case. Fast forward to your New Year’s Eve date night, and you brought some salted popcorn gelato mixed with crushed M&Ms — awwww! The holiday season will never be the same again. It’s like an advent calendar of gelato-mania!

What’s For Dessert? Classic USA Treats With A Scoop of Gelato

So, now that mom’s cherry crumb pie is covered, other classic American sweet treats also want a taste. Around here, dessert isn’t optional, especially not during the holidays. Take the classic peach cobbler’s exclusive relationship with a generous scoop of frozen delight. Have you ever tried it with a helping of brown butter and salted caramel gelato? Right here. Or the destined meeting of Italian espresso gelato and hints of dark chocolate with your eggnog? Right here, again.

Why not become the holiday hero you were always destined to be, propelling a single ginger biscuit to instant fame with the zing-worthy lemon cream gelato, cookie crumble, and crunchy lemon sauce? The list is long (and all on Santa’s nice list, by the way), and anything goes when there are 30 noteworthy gelato ice cream flavors and counting. It’s the sweetest side of life – and you can take it home by the pint.

The Winter Temptation of Gelato in NYC

Gelato is wild like that. It complements many other desserts, but it’s also a solo invitation to try new, unexplored flavors, spreading jolly cheer to each taste bud it comes across. Any local will tell you that there are a few ingredients for any New York joint. The first is good coffee. Here, it happens to fill up each cup.

This gelateria has the best of both worlds – a totally unique escape from the hustle and bustle, but also a front seat to this vibrant neighborhood. Yes, that’s possible in New York. Our Nolita coffee shop offers a fix of flakey, buttery pastries and authentic premio Italian coffee. So, between this and the gelato, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time here. It’s more than just the best gelato in NYC.

Caution: the combination of tastes and vibes can be addictive, no matter the weather. Tempted to try a scoop of Bambina Blue yet? Here’s what’s on the gelato menu. Oh, and if anyone asks, your New Year’s resolution is: more gelato!

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